Lena Dunham’s Dog-Trainer Defends Her Against Accusations of Lying, Abandoning Dog


Lena Dunham is being charged with longing for negative recognition and trying very hard to fish for this. If that actually is the situation, the woman is fulfilling her desire.
How can we forget that Lena Dunham did not accept the truth that she dumped her pet dog Lamby and this irritated a lot of good people around and dog-lovers who showed their resentment and fury in different ways?

Anyway, she has got just one individual agreeing to her choice . Please be patient, however . . . there is a possibility that Lena has done the perfect thing now.

Lena Dunham, 4th July 2017
Consequently, while you might remember, several months after rehoming her pet dog , Lamby , Lena Dunham confirmed that she had made it .

As a pet is a part of your family, you can’t think of rehoming them.
Like, you don’t give up your kid for adoption when they’re 8.
Would you think of giving your 8 year old kid for adoption? Obviously no!
However, Lena had a reason why she did so.
She stated that Lamby had severe intense habits.

A lot of dogs that are adopted usually suffer from behavioral issue as their upbringing is not so good.
However Lena claims that despite owning Lamby for such a long time, the complication habits — that involved nipping — had not subsided.

“Lamby suffered terrible abuse as a pup that made having him in a typical home environment dangerous to him and others — we needed to be responsible to ourselves, our neighbors, and especially our beloved boy.”
The truth is that the animal shelter from which Lena took Lamby revealed that Lamby was not “crazy,” as well as that he had been laid out for adoption since the earlier keeper “didn’t have sufficient time” for the pooch .

This doesn’t imply that the pet was not abused but it even does not prove that she is speaking the truth, is it?
In 2017 Lena Dunham Met Gala
Lena took the help of Matt Beisner, who was a dog trainer and owned the Zen Dog.
Well, Matt Beisner supported Lena.
According to Beisner, Lamby never liked to be touched and was “really aggressive”
“He didn’t want to be touched and he didn’t want to be handled.”
That part is not very strange for arrogant pets coping with unknown people, however it becomes weirder.

“When he came to us, there were days where we had to carry his crate out to the yard and open it to let him come out because we couldn’t safely put our hands near him to get a leash on him to walk him.”
That’s strange.
(You know, I used to take some rescue dogs for walks, and these rescue dogs definitely had a sad past with their previous owners, and that is strange)
Beisner was also capable to particularly explain the shelter’s remarks that Lamby was not “crazy.”

“The dog that we see in the shelter is often not the dog that we see in the home.”

Sure, that seems sensible.
It is really scary to be in a shelter.
To be in a different home is scary and full of doubt, however that terror generally fades away as time passes .

“And often the dog in the home on day one is different than the dog that we see at the six-month mark.”
It is true, sad though.
At times “getting comfortable” in a different surrounding means wanting to put forth control or whatever induced Lamby’s nipping habits.

Lena Dunham No Pants
Lena Dunham might actually be on the up-and-up with this one.
Lena Dunham may perhaps be successful this time.
However, we are also not willing to completely agree with what Beisner said.
Because, ultimately, Lena has paid him
It is absolutely no step to recommend that he may have additional intentions to stay in her good books (in addition he is attaining exposure).

However, we can’t imagine him to lie with people around.
He has to maintain his professional status.
Therefore, although perhaps he may refrain blaming Lena for not being adequately flexible or not visiting him beforehand or whatever . . . in case he states that Lamby was extremely hostile in such a way that wasn’t likely to be resolved coping with Lena , we accept it .

Lena Dunham Under-Boob Tattoo
And it is really good for Lamby if she is in a good place presently.
Most dogs are happy in comfortable surroundings and perhaps, Lena could give him that.
Hopefully, others are not discouraged from adoption of dogs.
Yes, it is amazing to have a pet dog.
And also dogs in animal shelters do not deserve to need to live there if they have caring home and become a member of somebody’s family.

Of course, there are some with baggage, while others may not have, for example, men.
(You will see many people around who carry the same baggage, and both have these baggages due to past experiences)


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