Prince William, Duchess Kate and the Kids Embark on European Royal Tour


The coming few days is going to be a very busy days for this family of four as they start their Royal Tour.

Prince William, Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) and their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, bid farewell to their native England for the week and jetted off to Europe for their very first royal family tour of Germany and Poland.

From the moment their jet land on Monday in rainy Warsaw, all eyes have been on the British royals and no kind of hospitality has been left untouched.

On arrival, a red carpet was rolled out for the eminent parents and their youngsters as they made their way from the airplane to their welcoming ceremony at the Polish presidential palace which was hostby President Andrzej Duda and First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda.

Following meeting with veterans at the Warsaw Rising Museum and mingling with young Polish entrepreneurs at The Heart in the Spire building, the couple end their first day with a garden party at Lazienki Park in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.

For their second day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge headed to the former Nazi Stutthoff Concentration Camp, the first camp set up outside German borders and one of the last to be freed after World War II.

During the visit, William and Kate walked and spoke with Holocaust survivors, many of whom were visiting the camp for the very first time ever since leaving all those years ago.
After the emotional visit to the camp, the royals were greeted by a huge and excited crowd waiting for them at a town market in Gdansk, Poland.
The Royals will then attend a reception at the Gdansk Shakespeare Theater and end the day at the monument to the fallen shipyard workers of 1970.
If you would like a virtual seat on the royal tour, follow the Duke and Duchess along their trip below:

Day One – Landed in Warsaw

The family of four arrives in Warsaw to an enthusiastic welcoming crowd. The Royal parents are joined by their two Royal children.

There was nothing short of smiles as the couple attends a welcoming ceremony at the Polish presidential palace hosted by President Andrzej Duda and First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda.

Toying Around

Duchess Kate has a good laugh as her royal husband tries out some new technology during a reception with Polish entrepreneurs.


The husband and wife elegantly finish the day at a garden reception in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. Middleton saw a white and black trim cocktail dress by Polish designer, Gosia Baczynska.


The second day, the royal couple’s route begins with a visit to former Nazi Stutthoff Concentration Camp. Middleton put on a necklace, perhaps with an amber pendant which is the native gemstone of Poland.

Some Special Guests

As the royals walk all the way through the concentration camp, they are joined by survivors Zigi and Manfred, who have not been back since they first left decades ago.


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