The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Opens Up About Her Secret Dates with yet to be revealed Groom


How would you feel to watch your soon-to-be spouse date 30 other men?

Precisely that’s how The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay’s fiancé loves to spend his Monday nights!

Even as we are aware Rachel will end the season with a ring on her finger, the identity of her groom-to-be has not been revealed, with Eric, Bryan and Peter all left in the running.
Although, earlier couples have maintained that they decide not to watch the show after being engaged, but for Rachel and her man that’s not their case.

While speaking to E! News’ Zuri Hall she said “My fiancé wants to watch everything. Like everything. Everything! He wants to be well-informed, which is hard for me! We’re not really together all the time, but we both watch everything. So after Mondays, I have some explaining to do. We talk about it, we get over it, we move on.”

Rachel, 31, who has been in a long-distance relationship before, she did confess it’s “definitely hard” having to keep her relationship under wraps until the end, with the couple only getting to see each other “every couple of weeks.”

Yet, she said, they communicate every day, text and FaceTime also have secret meetings where they see each other, but it’s in no way enough.
However, one thing that doesn’t seem like they are talking about during those secret meetings is their wedding planning.

“Clearly, I want to get married, I’m not going to deny that,” Rachel admitted. “But I’m not planning a wedding anytime soon.” She added
To hear more from Rachel about her engagement, like whether or not she stalked the lucky guy on social media after he proposed, watch the interview with her.
The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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